Frequently Asked Questions

TVpad Frequently Asked Questions

The General Questions:

What is the TVpad?

This is a set-top box using the Android operating system. It allows you to access many movies and TV channels in Asia without paying extra. It is possible to watch channels in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.

How do I work the TVpad?

You just need a broadband connection with 3Mbps or faster. Simply connect your device to your modem/router and your TV and you can enjoy all the channels through the apps.

Is it legal to use the TVpad?

YES, it is legal. The device sold from the TVpad store is a platform for users to install the apps of their choice on. The only responsibility of the company is to provide the hardware. The apps, themselves, come from third-party vendors so you can stream and view video content. The TVpad store has no control over the contents in the videos and does not install any of the apps.  

How do TVPads differ from other set-top boxes available?

Think of the difference between the two types of boxes as the different between regular cell phones and smartphones. TVPads offer more personalization options. You can install the apps tha tyou want, adjust functions easily based on your preferences. These options are not available with most other set-top boxes currently on the market. Read our post about Why TVpad is so awesome! :-)

The TVPad uses the Android operating system. It uses the most dependable and biggest software for video streaming, including BETV, XunLei, UUSEE, PPS and PPLive. The pictures are high in quality and stable due to the upgraded P2P service it uses. The software can be downloaded onto the computer initially to make sure the area gives good coverage. When it is then downloaded onto the TVPad, the outcome should be the exact same.

The majority of other set-top boxes will link to main sources and usually without permission, which leads to low quality. Since the permission hasn’t been granted, this can lead to the service being terminated once the source finds out. You may find that you suddenly can’t watch anything. There is also an element of network sharing, which can mean the channels are unwatchable if used overseas. TVPad is revolutionary to the set-top box market.

What is the difference between TVpad2 and TVpad3 ?

The TVpad3 is the latest generation of the TVpad product series. The main differences is the sleek new design, upgraded firmware to V4.08, Improved Wifi capability and a much more stable signal than the TVpad2. The new VOIP functionality is a very neat feature that allows you to make free international calls worldwide. All the Apps from TVpad2 are supported within the TVpad3 however the games are not supported because TVpad3 is releasing it's own Game Controller which is only compatible with the TVpad3. TVpad3 also has a smoother HD playback and a much better overall user experience.

How do I make VOIP calls using the TVpad3 ?

The TVpad3 allows you to make VOIP calls however the TVpad Official VOIP phone will be available soon on our website. Compatability with other VOIP phones is not yet determined and we cannot guarantee that other VOIP phones will be compatible. Please standby for more details on our blog about the VOIP compatability.

Why does the TVPad simple imprint appear on some TVPads and not on others?

Older versions don’t have the imprint. Only those manufactured with the 2.70 versions, such as the M121 and M121S, and newer will have it.

How can I check the version of firmware on my Tvpad?

Go into Settings and then System Info.

Can the TVPad provide any programs live?

YES! You can watch Live channels using the TVpad.  You will need to install apps that will allow you to stream the channels. It is just like downloading Apps from an Iphone :-).

How do I know if I have the 1st generation or 2nd generation TVPad?

If your firmware is v.1.xx, you have the 1st generation. If you have v. 2.xx or v.3.xx, you have the 2nd generation models.

Can I upgrade my TVpad system to a later version?

This isn’t possible. For an upgrade, you will need to request a replacement from TVPad. This will usually involve shipping costs and processing fees.

I only have HiTV in Mainland China on my TVpad. Why?

Some of the apps, like BETV, have IP restrictions in certain areas so you may find that you cannot use them.

Can I use the TVPad in Mainland China?

The majority of recorded and live channels are currently unavailable in China. This is due to restrictions out of TVPad’s control so is not recommended for residents in the area. This is a device for those overseas, mainly.

How do I buy the TVPad?

Our Official TVpad Store offers the ability to buy directly. Find out why you should buy from us here from our blog post.

I’ve bought my TVpad device from the website. Can I track the status?

 You can if you have a registered account. Log in through the website and you will be able to view your order history.

Those who chose not to register will have a userID automatically assigned—their email address. You can use this and the password to log in and check the status in the same way as above.

How long will it take to receive my Tvpad order?

DHL and UPS have partnered with TVPad for shipping. Most deliveries are made within five business days. This will depend on your location though as remote areas can take longer.

Does the TVPad have a warranty?

Yes! You get a Full 1 Year Warranty with the TVpad already included!  Super Awesome!. Also check out other TVpad Warranty Options.. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction.  

Hardware Questions:

What are the differences between the three different TVPad models?

There are three models of the 2nd generation: M121S, M121 and M120 and the new TVpad3 M358. Currently, only the TVpad3 is being manufactured and the other models are no longer being created.

Why are there two different remote controls for the TVpad?

This will depend on the version you buy. Those buying the 2.70 or older will receive the older remotes. The newer versions have a newly designed remote. Those with the newer ones will find that it will operate your TV so there is no need for a secondary TV remote.

Can I switch between the new and older remote?

Yes. They have the same control code so can be used on all TVPad versions.

I have the new remote. How do I set it up to control the TV?

Please check the remote setup section for this process.

Can I use AV output on the TVPad?

 Av and HDMI outputs are available on the newer models (MS121S and MS121).

Why doesn’t my TVPad recognize my USB memory stick? Can I solve this issue?

You will usually need to restart the device so the TF card and flash drives appear. If you stillget the problem, try inserting the USB stick again. If there is still a problem, it could be your drive. Try a different flash drive or microSD card.

What formats for the USB drive and microSD (TF) card are supported?

EXT3, NTFS and Fat2 formats can all be read. The TVPad works best with the EXT3.

What files system format is supported when using the USB drive or FT card under Settings and Format?

Linux EXT3.

How can I use the card on a Windows PC after the TVPad changes the format to EXT3?

Visit our Downloading Zone for the file Ext2Fsd-0.51.exe. Install this onto your Windows PC (for 2K to Windows 7 operating systems only) and you will then be able to view the files in the EXT3 format. You can also check out the Ext2Fsd Project official website for more information on the software.

I’ve reinstalled some apps on my TVpad and now can’t control the volume. What should I do?

Go into Settings and click the Reset button. This will put all settings back to their defaults and should fix the issue.

Are external hard drives also supported for the TVpad?

Yes but you will also need an external additional power supply.

Network Questions:

How much internet usage will the TVPad use per hour?

When used for between four and six hours a day, around 20GB is used each month. This is about 150MB each hour but that is a rough estimation and it depends on your usage.

What is the TVPad’s network requirement?

Most of the apps require streaming, whether it is video or audio, and is it based on streaming and sharing the data online. At least 2MB bandwidth is needed to ensure the best quality and uninterrupted viewing.

Is WiFi supported by TVPad?

There are three options for connecting WiFi to the TVPad:

  1. Using a dongle (network adapter) through the USB port
  2. Use a wireless network bridge
  3. Connect through the router with a power line network adapter

What is the recommended way for connecting the TVpad device to the internet?

A wired connection is the best way. When you can’t do this, an ethernet adaptor is the next recommended option. Wireless is a last resort as it can prove to be unstable.

Which ethernet adapters should I use?

Any brand is okay. There are three speeds available and you should opt for the 200Mbps or 500Mbps for the device.

Is there a certain dongle supported by the device?

This depends on the firmware for the TVpad. V2.24 will only support the Ralink RT3070.

The D-Link DWA-125 is recommended but be aware that not all DWA-125 revisions work. The TVpad supports the A1 and A2 but not A3. You can purchase these dongles directly from the TVpad official website if you cannot find them in your area.

The RTL8192SU is supported by any version after the v2.42 and the Net Core version is highly recommended.

Questions About the Apps:

Is any manual installation of any apps required when first out the box? Where are the apps downloaded from?

You will need to manually install all apps. They are available from the TF card when buying the M121 version. You can visit the App Garden for the M121S. The official TVpad forum also gives details of other great apps and where to download them from.

I want to watch Movie Valley on my TVpad. Where do they come from?

The sources from Movie Valley are from PPS.

I have the M121s version three. Why doesn’t it have the comprehensive theatre, Mutliplex, app? Do I need to manually install it?

Unfortunately, the license for the comprehensive theatre, Multiplex, is no longer valid. Movies can only be watched through Movie Valley. This comprehensive theatre doesn’t look likely in the future either and when installed you still won’t gain access.

Is the TF card needed to watch Live TV from 516, BETV and other places?

No. The only time the TF card is needed for buffering is when watching from Movie Valley. No live TV needs the TF card.

Can I bookmark my favorite Movie Valley channels on TVpad?

Yes. You can use the Favorite button on your remote when on the channel you want to bookmark.

I can’t save my favorite channels from the Comprehensive Theatre and Movie Valley. What are my options?

Try resetting the device so all settings are returned to default. This should fix the issue.

Can I remove programs and channels from my favorite list?

Select the program or channel you want to remove and then click on the Menu button on the remote. You will then see a pop-up on the screen so you can remove it. Confirm the choice by clicking Okay and it will be removed from your list.

How does the TVPad differ from other TV boxes that are available?

The fees and charges differ. At the moment, most of the similar products have monthly subscription fees. You could find that your 12 month bill is more than the cost for the TVpad outright.

The service and contents also differs. While you can watch through satellite receivers, the quality and reception is dependent on the weather. This is also costly and bulky. Many find that the installation for the boxes just takes up far too much room.

There is also a limit to the channels that you will get with the other boxes as there is no compatibility for expanding. TVpads use applications from third-party developers, meaning much more is available. There are currently over 10 language apps available, including Japanese, Korean and Cantonese/Mandarin Chinese. There are also over 100 channels (live) and 10,000 VODs available.

There is also more authority and stability with the TVpad since many high-profile suppliers decided to join.

There is the ability to enjoy HD channels, play motion games, free VoIP, home KTV and much more. This one device gives you so much to do from your sofa.

How do I guarantee the TVPad will be stable after buying?

The device runs on the Smart operating system with the open application platform (OAP). This allows for third-party developers to create apps that are free to download. You will find something for all your needs through the different apps available. There are also a number of highly reliable and profiled suppliers, including BETV and PPS. So far over 10,000 users are happy with the reliability and stability from the device.

Are there any specifications by law that the TVpad fits?

The aim is for all app to be free to download through the third-party developers and open application platform. There is also the ability to install the apps directly onto Apple devices, despite the contents being from different developers.

What’s the difference between the MS121S and M223 (TVpad2)?

The TVpad2 offers upgraded hardware and software compared to the MS121S. These include an updated processor, improved speed at startup, improved app start speed and operation speed and more sensitivity for the 3D motion games. The TVpad2 also has a built-in WiFi so there is no need for any external adapters.

Apps have also been further developer. There are more apps from PPS, BETV and other suppliers to improve your viewing experience.

What are the TVpad network requirements?

The TVpad does require the internet. If you want a smooth experience, those with a 2M network speed or more is beneficial. It is best to download anything you choose to use onto your computer so you can test the network’s capability. This is generally a good way to determine if it is compatible. Between 1G and 2G is used each hour so select your packages according to your needs.

Will the TVpad support a connection through WiFi?

Connections through WiFi and cable are supported. According to customer data and feedback, the cable connections are better for smoothness and stability. We recommend cable or power line adapters for a great experience.

Are old television types supported?

There are AV and HDMI ports available so old and new TVs are supported. It supports all user needs.

How much power does the TVpad need and will it work abroad?

Staff will also provide a conversion plug when placing an order at our website so you don’t need to worry about this.

Which brands of TVs does the TVpad work with?

Due to a transfer agreement, the following brands and models will not work with the TVpad:
Sharp LC-65D64U and LC-52D64U
Samsung UA55B6000
Sony 32EX400

We have not been able to test all brands and models due to so many available. There may be others that will not work with the TVpad. This is not a quality issue.

How do all the models differ?

The 4th generation, M233 TVpad2 has a faster GPU and CPU processor. There is more memory and it supports VoIP and gaming. It also has a duel output for audio and video through AV and HDMI connections.

The 3rd generation M121S has an added chipset to the M121. It uses the firmward 3.0 but has no other performance increase compared to the M121.

The 2nd generation M121 has a USB connection and TF card slot, along with AV and HDMI connections. Most of these will have the TVpad logo and uses the 2.6 to 2.72 firmware, although can be upgraded to the 3.0.

The 1st generation M120 uses the2.4 to 2.72 firmware. It doesn’t include the TVpad logo on the unit or have a AV or TF card slot.

Is it possible to record the programs through TVpad?

There is no currently option for recording programs through TVpad but this doesn’t mean there never will be. There are many fans and an app may be one day created to allow recording of shows through the device.

Which countries are the TVpad compatible in?

The device will work in all countries. Some apps won’t work in Hong Kong and China.

Is it possible to watch multiple programs at the same time?

It is only possible to watch one program from your TV. There are ways to watch more than one but the TVPad Store doesn’t support them.

What happens if I don’t have HDMI on my TV?

It is possible to watch through AV connections on the M121 and M121S model. It is only possible to get a resolution up to 480p with AV while HDMI allows up to 1080p.

What support do I get with the device?

Our FAQ Section, Our Blog Posts and Froum can answer alot of your common questions. It is also possible to contact us and we will be glad to help. 

I can’t see a picture on the TV. What do I do?

Make sure your HDMI cable is plugged in firmly and then set the TV to the right channel for the setting. When using AVI mode then transfer it across from the HDMI first of all.

My USB won’t allow me to connect to the WiFi. What do I do?

Here are the main steps for your wireless setting:
  1. 1. Place the USB WiFi into the device
  2. 2. Go into the wireless setting
  3. 3. Select the wireless connection for your home
  4. 4. Enter any passwords
  5. 5. Click OK
  6. You will see the icon for the wireless in the bottom right corner turn green when set up correctly.


  1. 1. Make sure the signal is no less than 50% strong
  2. 2. Make sure no other electrical appliances are near the TVpad
  3. 3. It is possible to use WPA, WPA2 and WEP settings. Some are better than others so try a few to find the best for you
  4. 4. heck the password is inputted correctly. Remember that this is case sensitive
  5. 5. Turn on the router’s DHCP connection
  6. 6. Turn the MAC filter off
  7. 7. Turn the password authorization on the router
  8. 8. Check the bottom right corner for the USB icon
  9. 9. Keep the password simple to remember it

If there is still an issue with the wireless connection, contact our support center.

How do I install the special apps?

When you receive the shipping package, you will have all the instructions needed to install all the apps you want. There is no U-disk required for the installation process.

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