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Why Is The TVpad 3 Even More Awesome ?TVpad3 Blue Balloon

TVpad3 is the latest product in the TvPad series. It’s the successor of the TvPad2- an awesome smart TV box that takes your entertainment to a whole new level. TvPad2 was a huge success and is selling like cupcakes all over the world. It’s awesome (Find out why).

But… if TvPad2 is awesome, then TVpad 3 is even more awesome.

How is TV pad3 better?

TVpad3 builds on the features provided by TvPad2 and provides more channels, better features and comes with improved functionalities.

Here’s what TVpad 3 provides:

  • FREE for LIFE

It’s FREE for life. Once you’ve purchased TVpad3, you do not have to avail any monthly subscription or pay any additional charges to view the content. It’s legal and authentic.

  • More channels

The new TVpad 3 supports more Chinese channels than the previous TvPad2, in almost every genre—be it hot news, children's education, health, health, dance, drama, or sporting events. You can always catch up on the most popular Chinese, Japanese, and Korean channels.

You can also watch the popular TVB channels on TVpad3. TVpad3 allows you to watch almost any Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan/Mainland China based films and television programs.

  • HD streaming/playback

The new TVpad now supports more channels and comes with advanced technology for stable and smooth streaming. The Stable Playback technology used in TVpad3 provides uninterrupted streaming of original Chinese programs in High Definition (HD).

TVpad3 Device Balloon

  • Time-Shift Live TV Playback

Unique time-shift playback technology which allows you to have a 3-Day record of your favorite live tv programs. You can just playback your shows anytime without missing anything. Amazing!

  • Live Time Shift

If you forget to record your favourite program—you can now go back in time (up to 3 days) and watch your favourite channels.

  • On Demand Service

This amazing device provides an all new feature called On-Demand service that allows you to watch latest movies, anytime you want.

  • Huge Collection of Videos

TVpad3 offers access to more than 10000+ on-demand video resources, which includes the world's newest and hottest blockbusters and widely popular Chinese TV series.

TVpad3 Blue Balloon

  • Improved Interactive Learning

Now supporting numerous Chinese education programs that make learning fun and easy. Through advanced streaming technology, your kids would now be able to learn from a virtual teacher.

The interactive learning feature helps young children in learning Chinese quickly and also improves their understanding of different subjects through videos, animations, poetry and much more.

  • More Third-party apps

TVpad3 supports more third-party apps than TvPad2. It comes loaded with the latest version of Android OS that promises to be fast, fun and simple.

  • FREE, unlimited VoIP calls (External phone support)

TVpad3 allows you to make FREE, UNLIMITED calls to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can also send IM (Instant Messages) and chat with your friends/family using the TVpad3.

To make calling simpler, TVpad3 also gives an option of using VOIP / IM phone. Using the telephone, you can instantly connect with anyone in any corner of the world and easily chat/talk.

Tvpad3 Banner

  • Sensitive Game controller

You would now be able to experience every thrill and spill of the game. The new game controller provided with TVpad3 has been made more sensitive to give you a more dynamic and realistic gaming experience

  • Support for more Games

TVpad3 supports more than 40+ hot and exciting games over different genres in English and Chinese. It includes games like Prince of Tennis, HAPPY RACE, Othello, HURDLE, Dancing Beats, Antarctic SPORTS, Mini Jumper, Ping Pong, SPRINT, Tennis, Body Sculpting Yoga, We all Love Golf, Mermaid Balls, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Fancy Pool, Frankie Skiing, and much more exciting 3D/2D games.

Tvpad3 video library

  • Extensive Music Library

Karaoke on this device has been loaded with a new massive music library that has songs loved and sung by all age groups— be it youngsters, senior citizens or children; TVpad3 has something to get everyone hooked up.

  • Easy to setup, better Wi-Fi reception

Based on recent TVpad3 reviews from customers, it has better Wi-Fi reception than TvPad2 and it provides better and seamless connectivity. It’s easy to setup as you can connect it with your home Wi-Fi and get started right away.

What do you think about the new TVpad3?  Please share with us in the comments section below why YOU think it is awesome. :-) 

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Daniel Lo October 13, 2013 at 9:19 PM Reply
I think TVPAD3 is more awesome as it has the karaoke, gaming and VOIP facilities and improved wireless connectivity added as a bonus. I find it is a more attractive product as it not only allow you to watch unlimited Chinese programmes but also provides more pleasurable entertainment conveniently in one system that can suit everyone in the household. Also the option of making it wireless connectivity is even better as it means that no more wiring around the house so you are free to put it anywhere you like where without restrictions. Excellent product indeed!
TVpad Awesome Customer Support October 15, 2013 at 1:06 PM Reply
We're glad you love it! Thanks for your review! :-)
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