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TVpad 2 M233 - 1 Year Standard Warranty - Smart TV Streaming Media Player

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TVpad2 is a new smart TV box that is running on highly customized Android OS. With TVpad 2, you will be able to watch different TV shows from hundreds of channels from countries like China mainland, Korea, and Hong Kong. It is equipped with an Open Application Platform that enables users to install and upload wonderful third party apps from the TVpad Store at no cost. With TVpad 2, you will be able to experience an infinite world of entertainment. You can enjoy play VOD movies, motions sensing games, free VOIP calls, karaoke, and more.

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Introducing the TVpad M233 Smart TV Streaming Media Player

TVpad2 is a new smart TV box that is running on a highly customized Android Operating System. It is equipped with an Open Application Platform (OAP) that enables users to install and upload wonderful third party apps from the TVpad Store at no cost. With TVpad 2, you will be able to watch different TV shows from hundreds of channels from countries like China mainland, Korea, and Hong Kong.  With TVpad 2, you will be able to experience an infinite world of entertainment. You can enjoy play VOD ( Video On Demand) movies, motions sensing games, free VOIP calls, karaoke, and more.  

Tired and bored of the same channels you have on your TV? Here is the latest trend that you can have! With the TVPad 2, you can now experience a new definition to your TV. It has amazing and cool features that you will surely invigorate your entertainment senses!. The TVPad 2 is proven to give the best service to people with its high quality standards. 

Their goal is to entertain people with the latest trends you can find online or on TV. It’s very handy and it contains an all in one product that’s good for you and your family. 


Join Hands with WASU to provide massive genuine videos

WASU, a huge platform for Chinese interactive video game contents and largest company beneath SAFRT has earned an over trillion RMB market value because of TVPad2. This means that TVpad2 is expected to become the leading provider of powerful entertainment content after BETV and PPS. TVpad2 has adopted a highly customized Android OS, fast dual core processor, and high performance mass storage and memory that make its series extraordinary with only low power consumption. This means that the features and specifications of TVpad2 will meet your needs and enables you to benefit from better and unimaginable speed of operation process. 




Custom Built For Overseas Chinese

The 3rd party apps that you will upload on TVpad2 itself from the TVpad store will enable you to watch TV shows in original language and contents like in Chinese channels. You can watch TV shows with original language whether it is live, aired yesterday, or even VOD programs. The difference in time from various countries will never be your concern as you will still be able to watch live TV shows aired in different countries. With TVpad2, you will have the opportunity to watch your favorite TV shows, sports, news, and more with supreme level of entertainment. 



Home KTV ( Karaoke TV ), Sing as you like !

If you love singing in karaoke’s then they will give it to you. With this TVPad2 you can experience your own KTV at home all day long. This can be easily set up by just connecting it to your home theater. Have your family and friends join you as you sing along with them with this TVPad 2. 

TVpad2 comes with dual AV/HDMI output mode supports. Just connect your home theater system on the AV/HDMI ports of TVpad2 and you can turn your theater room into luxurious KTV room. You can watch newly released movies, karaoke, or simply watch regular TV shows at high definition screen. 


Motion Sensing Games, Simply Amazing ! 

Aside from these, TVpad2 is also equipped with 3D graphics performance and a Smart CPU. You can also download apps for gaming from TVpad store and play the hottest motion sensing games today. TVpad2 can definitely provide you with supreme entertainment and gaming experience. 





Built-in VOIP, Free Calls Worldwide

The TVPad has an all in one function not only for entertaining but also as a means of communication. You can access your family and friends anywhere all over the globe. With its built in VOIP you can enjoy the free calls anytime of the day. These are customized to meet the needs and want of the people, especially those who work overseas. You can now connect with them and feel free in exploring what TVPad 2 has in store for you. With the unlimited calls, it won’t feel that you’re away from them.  

The big festival is just around the corner, so why not make a call and send your wishes to all your beloved!



Infinite Legitimate Apps, Easy Operation on a Smart OS

When it comes to entertainment, the TV pad 2 can be a great choice. It will give you the latest applications in games having 3D graphics. Adding to its entertainment is the motion censored games to give you a more interesting game. It has different apps that are wonderful which you can select for anybody in the family! 

The remote control of TVpad2 will enable you to control your character on the game without the use of joysticks and cables. The motion sensing system of the remote control perfectly fit TVpad2’s highly customized Android OS. The Android OS of TVpad2 is equipped with a flash memory that has higher performance and supports shorter boot time and highly sensitive interface switch. Tvpad2 provides third party providers with an open platform for them to upload their Apps. Through this, they can always obtain unexpected surprises from TVpad store newly released Apps. 




Two-Step installation, Infinite enjoyment

The TV Pad 2 product has a fast and easy installation process. By just connecting it to HDMI or AV cable that can be found in your TV, you can now enjoy watching. With a Wi-Fi installed, you can access your internet at home and connect to the channels you want. In case of any issues regarding the software, We have a customer service representative ready to assist you with your needs. If we can’t fix it, you have the right to change it with a new one. We make sure that all problems are catered accordingly. 

All you need to have is an internet connection and TVpad2 to get supreme entertainment. Connect your TV with TVpad2 suing the AV/DDMI support ports and enjoy unlimited TV shows from different Chinese channels. Just remember that you need to have an internet connection with at least 2 Mbps speed to enjoy watching movies and TV shows without buffering. 


"My parents loved the TVpad2! They weren't happy with Satelite DirectTV with the selection and all the limitations. They were even able to watch Hong Kong TVB channels.. Definitely worth it. Super easy and No monthly charge." 
Paul Wong from London,UK

"No Monthly Service, All the Live Channels, it is home away from home. Quang Lin from Green Oak, MI"

"I want to recommend to anybody who wants the Korea and Japananese channels;Anna Chan from Sydney,Australia

  In the unlikely event of having problems with your new TVpad2 just send us an email or use the live chat below.

In case of software issues our friendly customer service can probably help you fix it. If this won't help then simply return the item and we will send you a new one!

Order now and we'll ship the whole order to you via DHL Express for free!


Package contains:

1 x TVpad2 M233 Streaming Media Player
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x AV(Audio Video) Cable
1 x 4GB SD Card
1 x User Instructional Manual
1 x Power Adapter ( Based on your shipping country ).
1 x TVpad Remote ( Programmable )

The TV Pad 2 is designed to bring a new innovation to your TV. It is customized with an android operating system that is run by a smart TV box. This allows users to enjoy the unlimited applications and features your TV can have. 

When you purchase the TVPad 2 included in the package are the remote, adapter, SD card, receiver, manual, AV, and HDMI cables. You can have one now and have it shipped to you for free.  

With the TV Pad 2, it is a proof that nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. It is customized to bring a new entertainment in your home. You can now purchase the TVPad2 to feel and experience a new trend in your TV.

More Information from the TVpad Store:

Here is the TVPad available for you. With the technology today, it is no longer a wonder that they would come up with this cool TVPad2 that will bring your TV into a new innovation. You can have the opportunity to choose from the different features you want. It has an upgraded hardware for a smooth access with the channels and other features. You can now seat back and relax while enjoying the hundreds of channels installed in the TVPad 2. Have the opportunity to experience the wonder of this new TV Pad 2.

The TVpad2 has a customized operating system of android and it runs with the use of smart TV box. This gives users the authorization to get free application exclusively in the TVpad store. Having this you can enjoy watching movies or having a karaoke sing along with your family and friends. It contains games that can be motion censored that your kids will surely don’t want to miss. This TVpad 2 can suit all ages and can bring a definition to your TV. It’s a perfect device that can be used for home entertainment.  

TV pad 2 contains Chinese channels which are original that overseas people will enjoy. It has also programs related to education, sports, health, and other things that you can get information. They have genuine contents and you will feel the difference even if your TV is not that updated. When it comes to singing you don’t have to go anymore in KTV bars you can now have your own home KTV with this TVPad2. All you have to do is to connect this in your home theater then you can have all day to sing. With this easy set up you can turn your entertainment room into a KTV room and have your friends sing with you.

Talking about entertaining the TVPad 2 contains the latest technology of games which are motion censored. They are fully equipped when it comes to 3D graphics to give you the maximum performance. With the latest game applications you can play and experience their hottest games. The TV pad 2 is not only good for entertaining this can also be used for communication. It has a built in VOIP that connects you to your family and friends worldwide. With its unlimited free calls you can talk to them at any time of the day. 


The application that you can find in the TVPad2 is legitimate and it can be updated. To make it easier for you aside from the device a remote is also included which has a fast flash memory. You don’t have to stand up anymore to control the TVPad with the remote you can access your TV with no hassle on the programs. This type of device can be connected with the use of AV or HDMI cable. Having a fast and easy installation you can now enjoy your TV set. With its installed Wi-Fi you can get signals from your home to connect you on the channels on your TV. You can now enjoy and experience this new innovation by purchasing the TVPad 2 now. 

Customer Reviews

Good service and great product Review by Ching Trang
I was initially hesitating to buy the Tvpad2 from other stores because there was hardly any service available. I was happy to also know that I am covered with a 1 year warranty and was able to receive lots of support via email. I would definitely buy tvpad2 for my parents during the new year. !! :-D

Oh yes and by the way, the installation and setup video was also very helpful. Thumbs UP! (Posted on 3/9/13)
Lots of channels, No monthly Fee Review by Quarang Yong
I rate the TVpad2 much better than the m121. Just for the TVB channels alone, this device is worth it. I got tired of paying for cable with only 5 channels available. The Tvpad2 m233 solved all my problems. Thanks to the TVpad store for offerring the 2 year warranty. I can't believe it was only $29. (Posted on 2/7/13)
Totally Amazing! Review by Paul Wong Lin
I have to say that the Tvpad 2 is one of the finest machinery ever made. Just a tip for users - it works best with wired connections. Especially if you want to watch high quality HD. TVpad2 is great. (Posted on 1/4/13)

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TVpad2 Detailed Specifications

Designed to bring a new definition to television, the Tvpad2 is customized with an Android OS that’s run by a smart TV box. With the Tvpad2 in your house, you’re free to enjoy the world of internet – Wii games, free VOIP, HD hits, Home KTV and more – on your TV screen. If you want to know other Tvpad2 details, then the Tvpad2 specs show what the product has to offer.  

TVpad2 Features

Channel search: Manual/automatic scan

HD quality: Genuine HD widescreen support, HD image quality w/ SMPTE standard

Channels & movies: 100+ live TV programs, 100,000+ high definition TV games & movies

Subtitles: Supports OSD & subtitle

Language: Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

Others: VOIP, motion-sensing games

Technical Data

RAM: 512MB

CPU: TCC8925 Dual Core


USB Port: USB2.0

Extended Memory: External 8GB TF-card supported

Output Port: AV/HDMI

Internet: Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet port

OS: Android 3.70

Required Internet: 2MB/S

Picture formats: PNG, JPEG

Maximum video resolution: 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz

Video formats: VOB, AVI, RMVB suffixes, H.264, etc.

Certificates: CE, IC, RoHS and FC

Size: 104 x 104 x 28mm

Video encoding: H.264, DivX, RV10/20/30/40, Xvid, MPEG-1/2/4, etc.

Measuring 104 x 104 x 28mm, the Tvpad2 is equipped with TCC8925 Dual Core processor and a highly customized Android OS to take your watching experience to the next level. With its built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet port, you can connect to the web to watch over 100 live TV programs and over 100,000 high definition TV games & movies in 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60Hz. OSD and subtitles are supported and you can choose the language you are comfortable with. Whether it is traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Korean or Simplified Chinese, you can freely enjoy your favorite shows. Kids who love motion-sensing games will also enjoy using the Tvpad2 as it is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to games. Manual or automatic scanning allows you to search the channel in the way you are comfortable with. Genuine HD widescreen support and HD image quality w/ SMPTE standard ensure crisp and clear images. 

Since it supports external 8GB TF-card, you have a lot of storage space for other shows or videos you want to watch. When it comes to singing, you don’t need to go anymore to KTV bars as you can now have your own KTV at home with the Tvpad2. The stereo audio output ensures clear sound, so whenever you want to sing with your friends and family, just connect the Tvpad2 to your home theater setup. There’s no need to worry that it won’t work since it supports HDMI/AV dual output mode. The Tvpad2 supports various video formats including VOB, AVI, RMVB suffixes, H.264, etc. and picture formats such as PNG and JPEG. It holds also several certificates including CE, IC, RoHS and FC, proving that it presents an extraordinary performance and can meet all your needs. With 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM, the Tvpad2 will allow you to better experience its incredible operating speed.